Heroes have different abilities. Powerful hero can make the difference between winning and losing battle.


Increase percentage of ship shield

They rely on the matrix for a constant supply of energy.They are said to be immortal.As long as the matrix exists, they can exist as any energy body.Their technology has evolved to the top of the galaxy.

Technical Pioneer

Increase percentage of ship defense

The pioneers of science and technology had a supreme reverence for science.They were born to explore space.Space is their home.They won't pass up a chance to explore a corner of the galaxy.It was a great honor for them to command the fleet.


Increase percentage of ship durability

They were destined to be killing machines from the moment they were created.They do not need any material or energy supply to operate in space.No mercy, no compassion.Any fleet that goes out with a Terminator will be a huge boost.

Bounty Hunters

Increase percentage of ship attack

In such a developed modern science and technology, it is amazing to hide such ancient occupation.Brutal training makes them believe only in power, not in any high-tech obsession.Any fleet that looks down on them will pay a heavy price.


Increase resource productivity

The Eternals are an evolutionary offshoot of humanity gifted with amazing powers and abilities to look after the human race throughout the ages.They have power beyond technology.Throughout the millennia, the Eternals built great cities, including their current base.
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