• Players send starships on expeditions to defeat enemies for loot rewards.

  • The enemy fortified points will refresh by block height.


A group of defeated veterans stole several frigates and began looting Nebula Y-82.With their war experience, the team establish themselvesamong the criminal society.After a few years of growth, they formed their own criminal organization called the Vultures.

Lost Angel

Lost Angel constellation is on the fringes of known space. In the middle of the constellation where the headquarters of the Angel pirate clan are located.They are today one of the oldest and most powerful of the criminal organization found in the world. Today most people consider them the most dangerous criminal faction around. The Angels are divided into many smaller operational groups, each of which is prefixed with a specific name hinting at their role (Dark Angels).


Salvadoran family bought a system in the U constellation and named it Viper. He built himself a magnificent space station orbiting Serpentis Prime As their power and wealth grew they have expanded the territory. Salvadoranhimself encouraged such development, hinting at a more sinister long-term strategy than offered by his innocent-looking base.

Titan Legion

After titan legion was defeated the empires debated what to do with the legion he controlled. Finally, they were distributed between the empires, but it’s attesting to the lasting effects of titan that almost none of them have been settled in the decades since his collapse.As a final note, there are those that claim that titan legion is still alive and well. These conspiracy theorists say that before he died titan hid a number of clones of himself in secret locations the empires never discovered, and after he was killed he was resurrected in one of them.

The Red Attacker

The Red Attackers are part of an ancient cultist faction called stam, meaning Bloodfriends. The cult first appeared thousands of years ago. The cult was based on schismatic sect of the erea, which advocated that some people were born for greatness and other people only lived to feed and breed these geniuses.At one time in their history they started using blood in their gruesome rituals, until then they’d had only used blood in the initiation ritual, but now it became the focal point of their supposed search for eternal youth.

The Cheetah SuLu

The Cheetah SuLu has gathered a small retinue to dwell at his side in the Serpentis system. There they spend their days in idle games and frolics without a worry in the world. SuLu himself is an active participant, although his boundless energy and ambition allows him to break out of it every once in a while to take care of his small empire. SuLu' lover is now calling him King Cheetah and Cheetah Prime his royal court.

Drones lair

Drones lairClinging to the inner sides of the two gateway asteroids were sprawling rogue drone lairs - hundred of meters of dark metallic and menacing abode buried deep into the rock and housing hundreds of wild drones. Some one had heard of these monstrosities, but never one so big as the one he was viewing now. The lair was not only cleverly hidden in every direction from prying eyes - it was also superbly located close to the mammoth asteroid that was sure to attract miners from miles away.

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