Alliance will be the most important organization in GalaxyWar, and players will form large armies through alliances. How can I join Alliance?

Getting Started

Growing your alliance to allow for the maximum number of members will correspond directly with the level of your Alliance Depot. Therefore, the more you upgrade your depot, the more members you can welcome into your organization.

Joining an Alliance

Before joining an alliance, players can see all the pertinent information on the display screen. Their entry into an alliance can take place by applying to join one or, they can be invited directly to join from the creator or alliance Masters. Please note, if you have recently joined an alliance, you will need to wait at least 24 hours before being able to create or join another one.


An alliance will feature advanced technology that the Master will be required to upgrade and maintain using $GWT. However, this expense is not without its benefits. Each upgrade will increase the corresponding attributes of all members in the alliance, making for a more powerful army to do battle with.

An example of this upgrade would be a laser technology upgrade. When the Alliance Master upgrades this technology, the attack power of all alliance members will be increased. The higher the Laser Technology level, the greater the bonus effect, and as our game continues to develop, more alliance technologies will be introduced.

Alliance Rewards System

The creator of an alliance will utilize $GWT to create their organization and manage it while providing continuous contributions, there by receiving a $GWT bonus from the system. As their alliance grows and more members participate in battles, the master/creator will receive additional $GWT bonuses thus earning passive revenue

When members of the alliance receive $DARK bonuses for each expedition, the alliance master will receive a system bonus of $GWT in proportion to the amount. The $GWT bonus will be received in a “to be unlocked” status, and the master will need to unlock $GWT themselves to claim it.

Unlocking Method

The alliance master can earn $DARK rewards by sending their fleets to expeditions. During this time, they will have the opportunity to acquire a certain amount of $GWT in the “to be unlocked” status, setting it to “claimable”.

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