Official GalaxyWar Whitepaper, last updated Nov.2021
Galaxy War is a Defi + Multichain space strategy classic NFT game – compete against thousands of other players on multiple chains for supreme control of the Multiverse!
Countless dangers and challenges lurk in the infinite depths of space – but so do unbelievable treasures and boundless power.
Everything starts with the foundation of a small colony on an uninhabited planet. Harnessing the resources of your new home together with your own tactical genius, you research new technologies and construct a powerful fleet to carry your authority out into the stars.
Game feature
  • Build economic and military infrastructure
  • Charge into battle for valuable resources
  • Arm your fleet with your heroes and consolidate your strength
  • Mine resources or plunder them from other players
  • Trade with other peaceful civilizations
  • Forge alliances and attack other planets in concert
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