How to purchase Robot Box

Open the official website and click the “Store” button at the top to enter the purchase page.
Enter the quantity you want to purchase and click the “Buy now” button to purchase the box you want.
Details for Purchasing Process
Opening rules:
Each stage, Robot Boxes will be sold in batches. Each batch will be stocked with 1000 Boxes. After the previous batch is sold, the next batch will automatically be stocked.
Different batches of robot boxes can be opened at different times, which can be checked on the Box information interface.
If a batch of boxes is not sold out after the available unbox time, the surplus will be automatically accumulated to the next batch until all the boxes are sold out.
In addition to different opening times, each batch of boxes has the same output and probability.
The Robot can mine on any planet, that is, the Robot in this phase can be reserved and re-start mining until the second planet mining starts.
For example:
Currently we will open a sale for 6,000 Boxes.
If Batch 1 sells 1000 Boxes and its opening time is 8:00, April 21. When the opening time comes, there will be 250 boxes left for the next batch of sale. The remaining amount is transferred to the next batch for sale. Then, the total box surplus is 5250.