• The hero system is featured in the Galaxy War. Hiring heroes will greatly improve the combat effectiveness of fleets.
  • Hero has 5 careers (Eternals, Matrix, Technical Pioneer, Terminator, Bounty Hunter), and each career has different attribute bonus, and each career has 25 hero skins. Each hero has five rank: Common(white), Rare(green), Elite(blue), Epic(purple) and Legendary (orange), and the rarity and stats increase in turn.
  • Each hero is a NFT and it can be traded on the trading market.
  • As you develop, you can colonize more planets.Each player can have up to 6 planets.
Mining Robot
Mining Robots will do the actual work of mining rewards and each is an NFT that players can buy, trade, and sell through our Marketplace.
This refers to the amount of time a robot can continue to mine. Endurance is broken down into 4 levels of which the corresponding mining duration is 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, and 15 days, respectively.