GalaxyWar’s Play-to-Earn Model can be divided into two tiers:

1. The first tier

You invest a certain amount of money that will generate yields every day and allow you to break even in N days
Your investment is made up of 3 parts:
(A) $OKT as network fee for starting the game and as a fixed fee for basic building research
(B) Fee for playing dungeons. Each dungeon can be played 3 times a day, and players can earn money when they win a dungeon.
(C) Cost for building spaceships. Players can open blind boxes and assemble heroes to improve the attributes of a spaceship and reduce the cost of building spaceships.
For example:
(A) A player starts the game and pays 2 $OKT (approx. $100), and invest $50 in research infrastructure
(B) The fixed fee for playing the first dungeon is $200
(C) The fee for building a spaceship is $30. If you speed $100 on heroes, the stats of spaceships will increase and the building fee can decrease to $20.
Each dungeon you win gets you $15. Each day you can play 2 dungeons, so you can make $30 per day playing only dungeons.
Total investment: $100 + $50+ $200 + $20 = $370
If you only play 2 dungeons per day, you will break even in $370 / $30 = 12.5 days
Note: (A) is the only fixed cost, while (B) and (C) are subject to change because as a player advances in the game, he can play more difficult dungeons, have more advanced spaceships, and get more rewards.
To prevent players from playing low-level dungeons again and again, a player can only play each dungeon a certain number of times before the reward of that dungeon is halved for that player.

2. The second tier

The second tier is relatively more game-oriented and it mainly revolves around three kinds of resources: metal, crystal and deuterium.
  • At first, each player will be given a planet, and as they play, they will have more planets. Each player can have up to 6 planets.
  • Each planet has its own parameters (Diameter, Temperature, Position, and Percentage of ocean) that determine the availability of the resources. The parameters are assigned randomly. The higher parameters a planet has, the more resources a player can gain.
  • The resource output of each planet has an upper limit. Once 50% of the output is reached, the output will be halved.
  • There will be no shortage of resources for players in the early stage, but the more you play, the more resources you need, so the overall demand will increase rapidly.
  • GalaxyWar will open a DARK liquidity pool for each resource in DEX, so that players can trade resources.
  • Plunder mode (released later) will mainly revolve around raiding resources from other players.